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Teenage suicide is among the largest tragedies in almost every country. According to estimates, over 132,000 kids that are in the age group of 15-24 tears attempt suicide every year. An extra 17,000 children aged 10-14 years attempt suicide each year too. Every school and college have kids who harbor suicidal ideas. There are various helpful things that parents, teachers, friends, and relatives are able to do to help suicide prevention among children and young adults.

The very first step would be to find out the warnings signs connected with possible suicide attempts. Without understanding the warning signs, one wouldn’t understand the way to be alert or prevent suicide attempts. It’s been found that virtually every kid who wants to try suicide will provide or show some warning signals before making a real attempt at suicide. 75 percent of children will give a verbal warning, but sadly, they won’t be saying in simple terms as “that I am going to slash my wrists today/tomorrow”.

Parents should, therefore, try hard to see the early signs and also assist their children to stop them from moving to a full depressed condition which in turn, may lead them to consider short story, Teen depression might manifest itself in varied forms Isolation, despondency, and oversleeping are the first signs of depression which should ring warning bells, acquiring a healthy relationship with kids aids in counselling them when the need arise. For more information on nostalgic town please visit toughlives

Some children do not stand up to bullies due to fear. Bullies are often participated in vandalizing property, fist fights, and comprehend the school as a negative place. Bullying impacts the entire school environment for the worse. Most of the students are affected in 1 way or another. Bullying often leads to students becoming fearful and disrespectful of their school, and this will lead to behavioral issues. Additionally, it becomes difficult for students to participate in effective learning and education which is supplied by the faculty.

The aim of workplace bullies would be to slowly undermine the victim’s self-confidence and self-esteem. However, the sad thing is that victims of workplace bullying would not talk about it to others. There are a variety of reasons for doing so. In most cases, it’s because the bully occupies a higher position than the sufferer. Therefore, the power dynamic is instrumental in preventing a victim from speaking out.

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